Snowshoe Group

Snow Shoeing

Experience the beauty rural North Dakota has to offer in the winter months on a snowshoe excursion! Have our staff take you on a tour or blaze your own trail on the thousands of nearby accessible acres.

Animal Watching
Bucks in Field

Animal Watching

The Sheyenne River Valley area of Fort Ransom is home to abundant wildlife populations of deer, pheasant, waterfowl, coyotes and a variety of other animals. Spend time glassing the pond and surrounding area with a spotting scope out the back window of the lodge or take your own adventure to see what you can find.

Sheds Hunting Group
Shed Matched Sets

Shed Hunting

Spring is an excellent time of the year to get out and discover what has been hiding under the snow for the past few months. Shed antlers are abundant on many of the accessible properties can be an excellent activity!

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts / Geocaching

Scavenger hunts and geocaching are excellent team building activities that bring out creativity and test your problem solving abilities. Explore the surrounding area and use clues to find objects.