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Asgrow-DeKalb Post-Harvest Meeting

Posted 11/15/2017

Asgrow Dekalb held their annual post-harvest meeting at Stiklestad Lodge on Thursday, November 9th. 

Their post-harvest meeting is a time for all the growers to come together to discuss seed performance and how their harvests went this fall. They also had a chance to hear about new genetics and what is in store for next year. Stiklestad hosted the meeting in one of the conference rooms at the Learning Center, and afterwards the group enjoyed a meal at the Lodge. We were glad to hear everything went smoothly with the event and our facilities were a great fit for the event. We hosted the SE Region for Asgrow-DeKalb, so Stiklestad was a centralized location for the growers. The conference room was a great size and atmosphere, the coffee was hot and rolls were delicious! All of us at Stiklestad thank you for choosing us to host your event and look forward to seeing them again next year!

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